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    Your path to residency in New Zealand

The exciting new way to New Zealand residency!

Have you fallen in love with New Zealand while studying and would like to live here permanently?

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Kiwi companies are crying out for the right contacts in Asia

This opens a new door of opportunity for overseas students in New Zealand. You see, there are many kiwi companies seeking to export their products around the world. But they don’t have the right connections, particularly in Asia.

Your family or friends might have the perfect connections these kiwi businesses need to break into the market in your home country. So you can play a key role in setting up business partnerships, which have potential to generate a lot of money for everyone involved.

And above all, this is a way for you to establish your own New Zealand-based business, which can help you qualify for permanent residency.


You don't need business experience! We can help.

You might feel you are not qualified to start a business in New Zealand, so this opportunity won’t work for you. But the good news is, KiwiAsia can set up a company on your behalf, including all the compliance issues and will support you every step of the way.

Your role, first and foremost, is to talk to your family and friends back home, to see if they know anyone interested in importing goods from New Zealand. You put them in touch with KiwiAsia and we will do the rest, to connect them with the right kiwi companies.

Do you have family or friend connections in any of the following areas?

  • Service industry
  • Retail industry
  • Senior Government Official
  • Local or central politics
  • Anyone else who can benefit from New Zealand exports and services
  • Distribution
  • Wholesale
  • Manufacturing industry
  • Purchasing Dept. Within Organisation
  • Senior Management Decision Maker


You get an ongoing commission on every deal you help initiate.

KiwiAsia can identify New Zealand products that might be of interest to people in your home country, so you can show a specific list of import opportunities to your family or friends’ business contacts.

We can organise everything in relation to the transaction, from exporting the goods from New Zealand to importing them into your own country. You get a commission on every sale that results from the initial introduction you made. And this commission continues for as long as the business partnership endures.


We offer practical, hands-on training.

If you qualify to join KiwiAsia, we will give you all the practical vocational training you need to get your New Zealand based export company established.

We will help you develop a business that is tailor-made to your unique strengths and skills, with ongoing support and management if required.

If you grasp this opportunity seriously, it can open up a lucrative long term business and lifestyle for you in New Zealand.

You can get started while you are still studying. By the time you finish your degree you can have already built up a thriving business.


KiwiAsia can also help you in other ways.

If you join KiwiAsia, you will not only get help with starting a business but also with a range of other day-to-day issues you face as you look to get established as a New Zealand resident.

This may be anything from struggling with university life and academic papers, to issues with a landlord, housing, needing a lawyer… anything at all. It’s like having your own kiwi family to walk alongside you as you get settled in New Zealand.

So let’s get started!

To find out whether KiwiAsia could open the door to permanent residency in New Zealand, you just need to fill out a short questionnaire.

Once you’ve submitted it, a KiwiAsia support person will contact you to let you know if you qualify and how to proceed.

Okay let’s give it a go!

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